Virtual Combine was very different

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SIOUX FALLS, SD There are normally about 200 athletes from surrounding states at the Sanford Fieldhouse with college coaches there to observe to Riggs -Sanford combine. But this week it's limited to the 90 who had signed up before the Pandemic hit... and it was done virtually for the coaches who could only watch from home or their office...

With hardly anyone there it made for a much different environment. But the athletes were still happy to still have the chance to showcase their skills...

Gavin Gulbranson, Harrisburg Linebacker said: "Well it was a lot different than last year with the atmosphere and everything. Not a lot of people here, kind of low key and just a small group of guys. But we got it done and worked pretty hard..."

Mark asked: "It's nice that you have this isn't it?"

Jacob Schwab, O'Gorman Linebacker said:"It is very nice. It's been great because just the opportunity to come out here and do this is amazing. I did this last year as well and it's just a completely different atmosphere with no coaches and not a lot of people. So it was just kind of a different atmosphere. It was kind of weird..."

Both players were part of the combine last year when there were lots of players and coaches at the Sanford Fieldhouse. It will continue through Saturday with different positions being tested each day.