Wayne Peterson excited for potential return to hockey

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SIOUX FALLS, SD The NHL announced plans to resume the season when it is healthy to do so and hopes it can be mid-July. The regular season is done and 24 teams will advance to the post season in 2 locations. Minneapolis/St. Paul is on the short list to be a hub city. And because 24 teams advanced instead of the normal 16, the Wild get a chance as the 10-seed in the west to keep playing against #7 Vancouver.

The top 4 teams in each conference will play a round robin tournament to determine seeding. The other 8 will play a best of five series. After that, everything goes back to best of seven series for the remaining 8 teams in each conference.

Confusing or not, Sioux Falls native Wayne Peterson is Director of Community Relations for the Wild and has worked for the team all 20 years of it's existence. He's excited about today's news.

"It was a big day for the NHL and a big day for sports fans whether you're a hockey fan or not that there's some hope. And it's that when we start playing again that we will be in the playoffs. We know we'd be playing Vancouver and I kind of like that match-up. And it's even more exciting that we have a very good chance of being 1 of 2 hub cities. That would be pretty exciting for Minneapolis and St. Paul to host NHL hockey playoffs some time this summer..." says Peterson.