"Where are they now?" Curt Truhe

Curt Truhe was on the 2006 Pigskin Preview, which was taken on the turf at Howard Wood Field. The Elk Point Jefferson star was poised for a big senior year.

“Overall, I feel like the career was awesome,” said Truhe. “I got to play with a lot of really good players, a lot of really good athletes and a lot of just great people. A lot of good friends, I still talk to today, so that was a real fun time in high school play sports for sure.”

After high school, Truhe went on to play his college football at Augustana.

“I had a great time at Augie,” said Truhe. “I made some very good friends. You know, I had fun playing some really competitive football. It was a really good experience.

Now, you’ll find Truhe at Arizona Coyote games. He’s the assistant strength and conditioning coach for the NHL team.

“One of the connections I made back in Nebraska and in Phoenix called me and said ‘Hey, I’m the head strength coach of the Arizona Coyotes. Do you have any interest in being my assistant?’ I’m like yes,” said Truhe. “Working in pro sports is kind of something when you work with athletes, it’s what you aspire to. You know just the thought of it. I thought about it a little bit and I’m like this is an opportunity I just can’t turn down.”

Despite growing up in a cold climate, Truhe never played hockey, but now he likes living in a warm climate where he spends a lot of time near ice.

“It’s perfect. During hockey season, you know, we start camp about middle of September,” said Truhe. “Ideally, we would get done around June, but usually the end of the regular season is the middle of April. In Phoenix, Arizona during that time, it’s anywhere from 70 to 85 degrees sunny everyday. It’s pretty awesome. It’s cold when you get inside but the sun feels nice when you come out.”

And he gets to still be around athletics, training and the best hockey players in the world.

“I’m very happy with where I’m at right now,” said Truhe. “Obviously, the goal is at some point get my name etched in that big silver cup with the team. That’s probably the next goal we’re trying to go for is get in the playoffs and try to make a little run there.”