"Where Are They Now?" Blake Hojer

In 2003, De Smet standout Blake Hojer was on the cover of our fifth Pigskin Preview.

"To be honest, I remember when you called and wanted me to come down there," said Hojer. "I didn't know much about the pigskin preview at all. Went down there, I think that time we went to an airbase or something like that." says Hojer.

That season, Hojer and the Bulldogs had one of the most dominant seasons in nine-man football history. De Smet wasn't even challenged. going unbeaten in route to a 59-nothing state title win over Avon.

"Everybody kind of bought in, juniors, seniors, sophomores," said Hojer. "Everybody was lifting all year after that. it was a goal of ours to come out that year, our senior year, and make something happen. it all came together." says Hojer.

Hojer moved on to a solid college career at USD.

"Played linebacker in college," said Hojer. "They actually. when I went down there on a visit, they gave me the option to either play fullback or linebacker. I chose linebacker, and i'm really glad I did." says Hojer.

Through it all, Hojer always knew he'd be back at the family farm in De Smet, and that's exactly what he does these days.

"Came back in the winter of 2008," said Hojer. "We've had a lot of big changes around here. we've expanded a lot. our operation might be three times the size that it was back then. Brother started farming full time with us after he graduated from college three years ago. Ya, it's just a full time farm operation around here." says Blake.

Hojer has a busy family life. This Coyote married one of the best women's basketball players in South Dakota State history in Jen Warkenthein.

"People make way to big a deal out of us being married," said Hojer. "I'll say that first. the whole Coyote versus Jackrabbit thing. You know it would have been fun if the two schools were actually playing when we played there. I think that would have made the rivalry a little more fun." says Blake.

Hojer also spent some time helping coach at the school where he was a high school legend on the greatest team in De Smet history.

"Everybody bought in," said Hojer. "We just went out there and had fun." says Blake.

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