"Where Are They Now?" Derek Zacharias

Derek Zacharias was one of the cover kids, on the 2003 Pigskin Preview. The West Central standout was certainly one of the state's top seniors.

"I knew it was a pretty big deal to be on the cover. I remember going to the air base, I wore a national guard t-shirt and they didn't like that too much, so they gave me a t-shirt out of the deal." says Zacharias.

That fall, Zacharias would help lead the Trojans to the Class 11A state title. That was the fourth state championship team he played on during his high school football career.

"Many people ask me about the playoffs, they said they lost here and there. We never lost, we won four times. Not much else to say about that, other than we worked hard." says Derek.

After a brief stint of college football at USD, Derek decided to get into the family business. That's where you see him today where his work brought him to Hartford.

"I just went one year to college and then went into the family business. My dad started a construction business and he was about to retire, so my four brothers and I decided to take it over. We built up what he started, we do a lot of roads in the Sioux Falls area." says Derek.

It's hard work, something he learned about playing in the storied Trojan program.

"We just learned how to do things perfectly, even when we won big, they still talked about you about missing a block or something. We had each others backs. You did your job, they did theirs, and we knew it would get done." says Zacharias.