"Where Are They Now?" Rob Hutchinson

The year is 1999, and the Pigskin Preview is set to unveil their first ever cover. Sioux Falls Roosevelt skill player Rob Hutchinson was one of six standouts selected.

"You know when you're a high school kid and you're competitive, I mean, it kind of makes you feel pretty good that is kind of a brand new thing and they want you to be the cover of it. It was definitely - I guess you could say a little bit of bragging rights," 1999 Pigskin cover athlete Rob Hutchinson said.

After a all-state career with the Rough Riders, Hutchinson decided to stay at home, as he joined the Augustana Vikings to be a multi-sport athlete.

"I played at Augustana and I ran track my first year also along with playing football. But yeah, played football there for five years.

Hutch moved to Des Monies after college, where he quickly started his career in his second passion - the restaurant and bar industry. Now with 16 years of experience, his journey has brought him back to Rushmore state for a new opportunity.

"Right now, we're down at Skellys where we are remolding half of the building, and we are going to be opening up a new bar called Pave. Completely remolding it, and I'll be managing it. We are open on this side now," Hutchinson said.

If he's not busy working on the layout and managing Pave, Hutchinson can be found at home, where he spends most of days in the company of his wife and three young boys.

"Three kids - I have two boys, 13 and 11, and then my daughter just turned 8 the other day. They are very active - my boys are in just about every single sport you could be in. So that's ah, that's also fun being able to see them compete, and being able to enjoy the sports the way that I did when I was growing up," Hutchinson said.

Even though high school was nearly two decades ago, Hutchinson will always remember the time spent on the gridiron with some of his lifelong friends.

"You know, the group of senior we had my senior year, we had all been friends for years and grown up together, and it was great to play with those guys," Hutchinson said.