"Where are they now?" Seth Walter

Seth Walter was on the second ever issue of the Pigskin Preview in 2000. A star player on the Freeman High School 9-Man dynasty at that time.

"It was great on that as a senior. We didn't know how big the Pigskin Preview would become." says Walter.

Walter had already been a part of four state championship teams, and was a part of a state record 46-straight wins.

"We learned not to lose. Coach Eisenbrey was a great coach, he taught us to never overlook an opponent and we worked hard everyday in practice." says Walter.

After high school, Walter played college football at both Augustana and USF.

"I played three years at Augustana. And then I changed my major so I transferred to u-s-f for my final year and I got to play offense again which was fun. We had some struggles at Augustana, and then we had a lot of success at u-s-f that year so that was great." says Walter.

These days he works in the medical supply field. You'll often see him at CORE Orthopedics in Sioux Falls.

"I've been doing this about two years now .and i enjoy it. Medical sales is competitive. It's a little like football with all of the training involved."

He's got a busy family life with wife Mara and a growing family. And being part of that era of great football in Freeman will always stay with him.

"We worked extremely hard and we tried to be role models. Younger kids look up to high school kids and that's what the Freeman dynasty was built on, the younger kids looked up to the older kids." says Walter.