Aberdeen Christian School to build gymnasium

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ABERDEEN - At the moment, Aberdeen Christian School has an old accelerator room and a weight room dedicated to physical education for their 200 students. But after three years of dreaming, plans for a new gym have come to fruition.

"It's so important for kids to have space to move and play and enjoy physical activity, and so this serves our purposes but we're sure looking forward to having an adequate space for our kids to enjoy," says Eric Kline, the school's superintendent.

The school is asking for $2.5 million. But borrowing money for the gym is out of the question. Aberdeen Christian is paying for the project, all in cash.

"We're not in any position to go into debt to do it," says Kline. "So we're going to be raising these funds and trusting God to provide them as we are ready with a plan, vision and dream."

The money will go towards the physical structure of her gym, renovations of existing rooms and cleaning up the parking lot. The gym will be a multi functional one that will host athletic events and concerts.

"We're definitely moving around a lot, so it'll be nice to have a gym where we can just keep stuff and then have a regular place to practice where we know we're at everyday," says David Rohrbach, the school's athletic director. "It'll be great just to build some tradition."

The school has already raised $600,000 given to them by the school's foundation.