Bosworth's husband indicted on perjury, forgery stemming from wife's campaign

They thought the worst was behind them, but now Annette Bosworth's husband Chad Haber has found himself the subject of an indictment for his role in the election fraud of her failed U.S. Senate bid.

"I am here today to say that I won't be silenced by Marty Jackley," Chad Haber said.

On October 3, Chad Haber was served papers stating he is summoned to Hughes County Court and faces charges of perjury and offering false or forged instruments.

According to the indictment, Haber i s wanted for his role in incorrectly circulating petitions for his wife's U.S. Senate bid.

"The date that they are implying would have to do with my wife's petitions once again so it would be the same charges they brought against her," Haber said.

So, why the long delay? Why not charge him when Annette faced the same charges in Spring of 2015? Both Haber and Bosworth believe it's another example of Attorney General Jackley's vendetta against their family.

"Six years of him looking into us, they've subpoenaed all of our bank records, they have harassed every employee, every vendor, everybody that has anything to do with us," Haber said.

During her hearing before the medical board, Bosworth represented herself. She claims it's because no lawyer would represent her out of fear of being put on -- what she calls -- Jackley's blacklist.

"Are you kidding? It's not the years he's going to spend as Attorney General it's the next eight where he is going to be governor and that's 12 years of my career! I refuse to be under his revenge for that many years. And it wasn't one lawyer who said it again it was again and again," Annette Bosworth said.

Haber may now face the same dilemma. When asked about the perceived grudge, the Attorney General wouldn't comment but stated" "The independently elected Hughes County States Attorney that has concurrent criminal jurisdiction is addressing election matters pertaining to Mr. Haber."

Haber admits the petition issue was a mistake, but not fraud.

Now, he's just hoping the same judge that sentenced his wife can be impartial when he takes the stand.

"You know, I think the judge in his sentencing statement of my wife is pretty telling, this is meant to send a message. What message are you trying to send? Don't disagree with us keep your mouth shut?" Haber said.

KSFY News reached out to the Hughes County States Attorney but she declined to comment on the case. Haber's summons states he will report to court on October 26th.