FBI hopes reward will produce new information about East Lee's murder

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Kelley Smith The FBI is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in homicide that occurred last month in South Dakota.

There are many unanswered questions surrounding the case and they hope the money will entice people with information to come forward.

Investigators are looking for clues, hoping to solve the mystery surrounding East Lee's death.

After combing the crime scene, they're ready to ask for help from area residents by offering cash in exchange for information.

"Sometimes people need the enticement of a financial reward in order to come forward with information," Chief Division Counsel for FBI Minneapolis Kyle Loven said.

Loven says they know some details.

"Mr. Lee was discovered to have died from a single gunshot wound to the head. It’s estimated that he was killed on October 19th or October 20th of this year. His body was discovered at Brueske Lake which is near Eagle Butte, South Dakota."

But they need more to make an arrest.

"We're trying to determine the facts and circumstances that led to this homicide," Loven said.

Meanwhile, Lee's family is taking to social media as they mourn his loss.

Some posting fond memories growing up with East.

Many offering kind words to those who were closest to him. Others thanking the authorities.

In one post Shannon Heideman wrote: "Thank you to the FBI and law enforcement personnel who are working diligently on this, may God's hand lead you and guide you".

Several posts ended with '#justiceforeast'.

And that's what the FBI hopes they can give the Eagle Butte reservation.

“We're just out hoping that someone out there has some information about who may have been responsible for this homicide and to come forward with that information because right now it's vital to investigators to garner that information if it's out there,” Loven said.

Anyone with information about East's murder can call the Pierre Office of the FBI at 605-224-1331.