Lennox shooting hero shares story of fighting the gunman

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Marion, SD The Lincoln County Sheriff say the shooting at Sioux Steel in Lennox could have been much worse if not for the heroic acts of a fellow sioux steel employee.

45-year-old Brian Roesler of Marion put himself in harms way to stop the shooter. Roesler was one of six employees in the front office when the shooting began. Instead of running to hide when he heard the shots, Roesler went after the shooter.

"I just thought in my head if I turned around I would get shot, so I just ran towards him to push him over when I seen him raise his gun; I didn't want him to get aim I guess," Roesler said.

Roesler says the gunman did not say anything and looked very determined when he came into the building and started shooting. He says he did not recognize the shooter and did not hear the argument that went on earlier that morning.

Like many people, Roesler is still trying to figure out exactly what could have caused Dezeeuw to come into the building and open fire.

Roesler says he didn't even have time to process what was going on when he went after the shooter.

"There was a time I thought he was aiming the gun back at me and I was wrestling to aim it back at him, but I never really thought I could get shot. I just thought I'd try to get the gun out if his hand, it's all so fast you can't even really think about it," Roesler said.

The day after the shooting Roesler is bruised and sore, but his main concern is for his long time co-worker and friend Kathy Steever. Roesler says he's been praying for her recovery all day.

Roesler also says Thursday was Kathy's birthday and what began as a big birthday celebration turned into a day he and his Sioux Steel co-workers will never forget.