Made in South Dakota: The Boom of Craft Brewery

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SIOUX FALLS - It all started with one.

Originating with Monks in downtown Sioux Falls over a decade ago - as tastes have changed and evolved, craft beer has finally taken a hold.

According to, the average american lives within 10 miles of a brewery.

And even less if you live in Sioux Falls - good news for craft beer lovers.

Minneapolis. Denver. Bend, Oregon. In terms of the brewing boom - these cities are hitting home runs.

Can the queen city get on the map of most desirable craft brewing communities in the U.S.?

"It was bud, it was Miller Lite, it was Coors. Now, especially with the millennial generation, times are changing," says Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether. "Tastes are being refined, demand is being refined and the market is catching up especially the market in Sioux Falls,"

If you ask any one of the brewers and brewery owners - they'll share the same sentiment, the beer scene is just getting started.

"Every major city across the U.S. has got a craft beer scene and we're just kind of in our infancy right now, but it's coming along nicely."

Fernson Brewing Company Owner Derek Fernholz says it's a trickle down effect.

"Part of it is once one person does it, it becomes more attainable or seemingly more attainable to other people looking at from the outside like 'someone else is doing it, that must mean I can do it, too.' And we need as many as possible, every different style and variation. There's so many different kinds of beers and niches you can have."

And the impact it's having on our community? No doubt a game changer on a lot of different levels.

Mayor Huether says "All of that plays a vital, vital role in attracting people to live in your town. I mean, we've got 3,000 job openings right now in Sioux falls. So guess what? I need young and old, rich or poor, black and white. I need everybody looking at Sioux falls as the place they want to live and then the place they want to work. And all these things like these micro-breweries plays a role in that recruitment effort."