Mayor Huether responds to critics of new billboards

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It's been a few weeks since Mayor Mike Huether unveiled the new 'Sioux Falls Has Jobs' website -- as well as the ads promoting it.

But some claim he's using these ads for a political future.

Mayor Huether says the point of the signs is to attract hard-working people to our city. But some people are choosing to look past the positive message.

You can't miss it -- Mayor Mike and his big smile on the Sioux Falls Has Jobs billboard.

He's the self-proclaimed biggest cheerleader of Sioux Falls. However, he's received some backlash after he unveiled this latest ad campaign.

"I was a little taken back because I did not know about the billboards right away, so it was something that was surprising," said council member Kenny Anderson Jr.

Anderson Jr. says he's disappointed with the lack of communication on the ad campaign. But he says what's done is done and we need to move forward.

"Our mayor is the leader of our city and he is the face of our city," said Anderson Jr.

'It's about shining light on the people of Sioux Falls, not just one person' -- that what council member Michelle Erpenbach has been hearing. And again, she says it comes down to the lack of communication.

"You've got to have those conversations with people. Even though it's not a huge amount of money and the law doesn't require that you run it by the council -- that's one of the things if you're going to put your face on a billboard, you probably should let someone know ahead of time," said Erpenbach.

"I think there are people who will always find something wrong with anything and you just need to look at the positive. The glass is half-full and we have a lot to be proud of living in Sioux Falls and I think he's a great guy and he's done a lot for Sioux Falls and I think people should just be proud of him and proud of what he's doing," said Christy Green, Sioux Falls.

"I've tried to be the head cheerleader for the city of Sioux Falls since I've been blessed to be the mayor of this town. And i'm going to keep cheerleading for the citizens I serve," said Mayor Huether.

Mayor Huether says whenever you're in a leadership position, there's always going to be those who disagree with your decisions. He says he's going to continue to make good things happen in our community in a positive and constructive way.