New technology helps corn farmers with harvest

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GROTON - For the past sixty years, farmers have dealt with corn shatter. This is when the kernels fall off the cob when they are removed from the earth, leading to financial losses.

"Right now we're all in survival mode. It's tough economics, and we need to get as efficient as possible. And a lot of that starts with harvesting that's lost, says Shawn Gengerke, CEO of Leading Edge Industries, the company being the new technology.

Gengerke, a fourth generation farmer, understands the frustration and demands that come with corn harvest season. So he invented a machine that would save the farmers dealing with rough weather conditions.

"We invented a product called operation harvest sweep. And what it does is we can save up to 85% of all the corn shatter," says Gengerke.

Along with picking up the shatter, the kit takes care of volunteer corn, which hurts soybean fields. Farmers also don't need to begin harvesting as early when using the product.

"Economics are tight right now, and every bushel counts, so if we can save up to 85% that's some big dollars. for us every year," says Gengerke.

Gengerke began his business in 2009, and production began in February of this year. While he already has hundreds of old kits sold, Gengerke says, that is not the goal of his company.

"Farmers and ranchers, they're a special breed. What we do is second to none. Feeding the world, and what we have to overcome. It's important for Leading edge industries to help in some of the hardships and gaps in technology with problems that we see everyday."