Senator Thune will support Republican nominee in presidential race

Sioux Falls - Senator John Thune said he is keeping his word and supporting the republican nominee that comes out of the convention at the end of July.

If Donald Trump is that nominee, then Senator Thune said he will support him, but the Senator wants to see Trump mature as a candidate.

"I think there are a lot of things in terms of what he said and how he said them that he's going to have to demonstrate that he can improve upon and that he can be a candidate that actually is true to Republican principles," said Senator Thune.

Thune said the Republican principles, like dignity and honor that Ronald Reagan showed in his presidency.

"I'm hopeful overtime, and we'll see in the weeks and months ahead that Donald Trump can become that kind of person," Thune said.

Regardless of everything though, Thune believes this is quite the opportunity for Trump.

"A lot of it's going to come down to the kind of people he surrounds himself with," said Thune. "And the sort of policy agenda that he puts forward."

Whether Senator Thune is one of those people Trump surrounds himself with as a Vice President candidate remains to be seen. But Thune doesn't believe it will happen.

"I think for him, there are people who make sense because of a big state or a balance that they represent for a ticket," said Thune. "And I don't expect to be on that list."

The Senator has not heard from Trump himself, but he said he is just honored to have his name mentioned as a possible candidate.