Smartphone app efficiently records calving

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FAULKTON - A farmer's calving book can get ripped up, dirty or lost, making them lose vital information about their cattle. But Ellen's digital version of the calving book looks to secure those records permanently.

After spending a day vigorously searching for a calving book, Ellen's family decided there had to be a better way to keep track of cattle records.

"We always had the fear of losing it so we thought it'd be handy if we could find it in an app," says Ellen Schlechter, the creator of an app. "And after a while we couldn't find it so I was told to make it happen."

The calving book app lists all the background information of any cow on a farm. With a tap of a finger, they can search the date of birth, weight, medical history and sales of any animal.

Xavier Schlechter, Ellen's cousin and business partner, uses the app on their ranch, and says it's great for productivity.

"You can export them to the banker, or to other people that want to see what you've got and if you need to show their birth weight," says Xavier.

Ellen finished the app nearly two years ago, but it didn't gain momentum until recently. She studied tutorials and taught herself how to program the app. The tool has been a hit among farmers, but she says there's always room for improvement.

"Here recently I've been working on adding cow history to the plus version of the app, but that's been taking a long time," says Ellen.

"She did a very good job this summer getting it so it's faster and it's more user friendly," says Xavier.

The app is available for download on iPhone or Android cellphones.