State legislator calls upon North American Title Loans to leave South Dakota

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Floyd Pickett and his paid protesters are back in Sioux Falls. And again, Steve Hildebrand says they are targeting his business, Josiah's Coffeehouse.

Police presence is becoming a norm around Josiah's Coffeehouse.

"Floyd Pickett Sr. is a professional racial agitator who uses the guise as minister and I'm a minister. He has the tongue of a sailor. He's good at what he does and he's paid for by Rod Aycox," Rep. Steve Hickey.

Hickey is surprised he's back in town after the plan backfired on the predatory lenders a couple of weeks ago.

"There's a couple van loads of people staying at the Staybrand on 41st St. They're not from Sioux Falls. They're from Atlanta, Georgia. The people he's paying and bringing in aren't our issue; the issue is Floyd and why he's here," said Rep. Hickey.

It's clear the Sioux Falls community has Hildebrand's back.

"We all support him and the effort to change that and lower the interest. And if people are paid to come into to have coffee to cause trouble, I don't agree and it's just too bad," said Joan Neilan of Sioux Falls.

Rep. Hickey has this message for North American Title Loans.

"This is not how we do business. For your CEO to be financing this is unconscionable. It goes against all business and ethical practices in South Dakota. And I call upon you as a state rep. to leave the state," said Rep. Hickey.

It's unclear how long Floyd and his paid protesters will be in town. But if last time they were here is any indication, their play may backfire on them once again.

Hildebrand is rallying to cap payday lending at 36% in South Dakota. He says these so-called 'scare tactics' by payday lenders have only fueled the petition drive.