Summit League volunteer travels from Kansas City, MO to help out

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - The Summit League Championships have been held in Sioux Falls since 2009.
It takes months of planning and tireless efforts from premier center employees and volunteers to pull off the annual four day tournament.

Event organizers say many volunteers help out with the championship year after year.
One of those people is a woman who lives in Kansas City, Missouri and her family has been trekking to Sioux Falls to lend a hand for the past 8 years.

This is Janet, a volunteer to travels all the way from Kansas City Missouri to help out with the Summit League Championships.

“It’s just a lot of fun. My husband really enjoys just sitting and watching the games for four straight days, but there's no way I could sit that long every day and just watch the games and I really like just volunteering. Meeting the other volunteers, getting to see how the tournament is fun,” Janet Simonitsch explained.

She’s not the only one lending a hand.
It takes more than 200 hundred employees and 125 volunteers to pull this event off.

“Everywhere from out on the grounds, to parking, to the box office, to the security checks, to the ticket scanners, to the ushers, to the concessions, all of that goes into it,” PREMIER Center sales director Rick Huffman said.

“So the endeavor it takes a lot of team work,” championship volunteer coordinator Cheryl Dodd said.
The team wants to make sure the sessions are a slam dunk.
So everyone at the event, from people who are new to the tournament

To those who make a tradition out of it.

“I've been coming to the summit since it got started in Sioux Falls and it's a chance to watch great basketball,” Jenna Walz stated.

Many of the volunteers work all day, every day of the championship
But they wouldn't put in the hours if they didn't love this tournament.

“A lot of fans, lots of big crowds and it's just really neat to see because you go to some of these other events around the country, especially for women's sports, you just don’t get the numbers that we get here,” Simonitsch said.

And volunteers hope these fans keep coming back year after year, just like Janet.