Video gaming bootcamp draws young, talented minds

It's a camp that brings kids together with one thing in common: a love for video games. But this isn't just about playing them, it's a desire to learn how they're made.

The South Dakota Code Bootcamp is holding a week-long session for the next generation of program developers.

John Brunner, 13, is attending his first camp about video gaming.

"I've always loved playing video games, just like any kid does, and have always wondered what goes into making video games. One day I looked up coding and wondered if there was a class in town," camper John Brunner said.

That's where the South Dakota Code Bootcamp comes in.

"The goal is to start to teach the younger kids how to program. We're doing it through game development and hopefully there's a lot of engaging to do that," Camp instructor/co-founder John Stroschein said.

The week-long session in Sioux Falls lets campers create their own versions of games like Mario and Angry Birds.

"The satisfaction of after getting the coding, knowing I just did that is the funnest part about it," Brunner said.

"You can see how they make the game, how long it took. This is just one level and it's taking 2 days. Crazy how many levels they make," Camper Logan Ruby said.

"With that short of time, they're able to build something relatively complex. The payoff is pretty immediate for them," Stroschein said.

When it comes to learning, Stroschein says the earlier the better. There's a huge demand for programmers and, therefore, a lot of opportunities for young talented minds.

"Maybe one day have a career out of it would be a lot of fun," Ruby said.

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