Top 5 Myths About Mattress Warranties

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Buying a new Mattress is a major purchase for most people. Plenty research and work goes into finding and deciding on the best mattress. A big factor that comes into making that decision is the Warranty. But, did you know, many of those mattress warranties don’t cover a lot of what you think they do. Soft spots will develop after just a couple years of use and are NEVER covered by the mattress warranty... unless it’s a mattress from Comfort King.

What’s NOT covered in a mattress warranty?

Mattress warranties cover production and manufacturing defects, because these are things that can be directly linked to shortcomings that the manufacturer is directly responsible for. This means that virtually everything else is NOT covered by mattress warranties, including:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • This means scuffing, deterioration, blemishes, corner threads coming out, or handles becoming slightly loose as a result of using the mattress for its intended purpose of being slept on
  • While normal wear and tear that happens as a result of normal, regular use of the mattress is not covered, other defects or shortcomings such as handles that are completely torn, coils that stick out, and squeaking ARE covered by most warranties
  • Sagging is covered by most manufacturers during the warranty period, with any sagging greater than 1 ½ inches covered by virtually every manufacturer
  • Damage such as bent border wires or torn mattress fabric that can result from either the transportation of the mattress, using an improper frame, or rough use such as jumping on the mattress
  • You are not given a guarantee that you will continue to like your mattress with the passage of time as much as the day you bought it
  • Bedding that is sold “as is” or floor models that are sold with any type of pre-existing damage
  • Body indentations less than 1 ½ inches (in some cases no more than .75 inches)
  • Unexpected lumpiness
  • The mattress exerting pressure on your body where you feel there shouldn’t be any
  • Inadequate support according to your personal preference

Soft spots are formed when the foam in a mattress loses its ability to support you. While it may maintain 100% of its shape, your comfort and good night’s sleep is lost. Studies have shown that a loss of 20% or more can lead to chronic lower back pain.

NO other mattress warranties cover soft spots, they will only cover visible sagging and since most foam will still maintain its shape, it’ll be you that is sunk. Comfort King is the only mattress company that offers a true SoftSpot Warranty.