Comfort King Introduces new FLOWT Mattress

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Since 1994, Comfort King has been a leading innovator in the mattress industry. They offer hundreds of options to suit every individual. Comfort King is excited to offer a revolutionary new cushioning material to the world. FLOWT. This breakthrough in mattress design allows for maximum support, maximum air flow and maximum comfort. Alleviating pressure on your body and organs, these new mattresses provide an ideal sleeping platform.

The FLOWT mattress was designed after more than 3 years of joint research with the NDSU Engineering Department & their Italian partners. Simply put, FLOWT is an anti-gravity gel that reduces pressure points. Michel Lion works with the manufacturing plant in Italy and he tells us, “The gel is a material that has unique mechanical characteristics that allow it to form fit to the body and perfectly mold to each individual surface. This creates a far superior level of comfort and support.” Gel hasn’t always been thought of as a material to sleep on, but research is beginning to show this may well be the best material available for comfort and support.

Another key component to FLOWT is the unique internal design. Chris Larson, owner of Comfort King, tells us, “After testing dozens of shapes and sizes we were finally able to come up with the ideal one to relieve pressure points and provide comfort.” The unique internal shape also allows for more air flow than any other type of mattress. Maximizing airflow through the mattress is key to helping regulate temperature as well as preventing moisture buildup. Chris also explained how, with this unique internal design, “you actually get more support the more weight you put on it.” A spiral movement in the gel design allows the gel to spread and support even more pressure as pressure is applied.

Chris Larson had a goal to find the most comfortable material available to sleep on. What he found is that it didn’t exist. Years of research and hard work have culminated in FLOWT, the most comfortable mattress on the market today.

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