Big Summer Plans? These Options Can Help Grow Your Savings!


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Summer is officially here! While that might brighten your mood and the greenery around you, it can also lead to busying activities and spending a little more money than usual. Throughout this season of more spending, there are a few things Voyage FCU can help with. The following products are available to Voyage FCU members and can provide savings for your next summer adventures.

You Name It Savings

The Voyage FCU You Name It Savings account is a savings account made for specific financial goals. This savings account can help you focus on your goals and keep your summer savings on track. Start your account today in order to save for your next summer vacation, holiday traveling, Christmas gifts, a new car, etc. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your finances this summer, get a You Name It Savings account set up to keep your financial goals in check for next year’s summer savings!

Credit Card and UChoose Rewards

Our members who sign up for a Voyage FCU credit card are rewarded for their shopping. Dinner should come with free movie tickets and concert tickets should come with a free hotel room, etc. Earn points and cash them in for practical kickbacks or get something like travel rewards on your next summer vacation! Start thinking smarter and not harder, earning more rewards with the money that you do spend.

Mobile Banking

We all know summer means constantly being on the go and an overloaded schedule. In the busyness of life, you should be able to bank from your mobile device when you want, anywhere you want. With the Voyage FCU mobile banking app you can transfer money, pay bills and monitor your account. Save time and trips to the bank when banking and managing your finances from your phone! This allows you to enjoy your time on the go & be present in all your favorite summer activities.

Gas Mileage Calculator

As the price of gasoline continues to rise, the question often arises as to whether it financially makes sense to trade-in a ‘gas guzzler’ for a more fuel-efficient vehicle. With Voyage FCU’s Gas Mileage Savings Calculator you can calculate your monthly fuel savings based on your current miles per gallon, miles driven per month and cost of fuel. Then you can estimate how much you will save by purchasing a more fuel efficient vehicle and when you will break even on the fuel efficient vehicle purchase. If you’re not looking to purchase a new vehicle but want to be more conscious of your monthly gas bill you are also able to calculate this.

These are just a few of the products to help Voyage FCU member’s with goal setting, saving money on the go, gaining rewards, and staying conscious of their personal finances and monthly budgets. At Voyage Federal Credit Union we want all of our members to feel secure in all of their financial endeavors. If you’re looking for help getting your finances in check this summer season, call us today at 605.338.2533!