Nest predator bounty program underway in South Dakota

Published: Apr. 20, 2021 at 5:43 PM CDT
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ABERDEEN, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - A total of $500,00 will be given out by the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks as part of it’s ongoing bounty program of nest predators.

The Game, Fish and Parks defines primary nest predators as raccoons, badgers, striped skunks, red foxes, and opossums. By trapping those species, Game, Fish and Parks has stated it will help enhance waterfowl and pheasant populations. Each tail turned in will be worth $10.

Not only is it a chance to earn a little money, but SD GFP Conservation Officer Logan Hammer said it helps with their ongoing conservation efforts.

“We can’t cover everywhere at once, so we kind of rely on our land owners and our residents of South Dakota to get out and get involved with the outdoors, and help trap these nest predators. So we can ensure that our pheasants and waterfowl populations continue to thrive.” Hammer said.

Hammer said it’s also an opportunity to connect with land owners and those helping with the program, building local connections to each regional office and connecting those interested in the outdoors with each other.

“So it’s nice to get to talk to land owners. Especially younger kids that are coming in and turning tails in. It’s really nice to hear the story from them about how they’re enjoying being outdoors, how this program kind of helped them get outdoors.”

And as much as this is a program to help Game, Fish and Parks with conservation, it’s also an opportunity to educate the next generation of trappers in the state, and keep them interested for life.

“Trapping’s been kind of a dying heritage lately. So it’s nice to implement a program to get kids of all ages, just outdoors and getting them involved in that stuff.” Hammer said.

The program runs until July 1st, or until all $500,000 have been given out. You can track the current number of tails submitted to Game, Fish and Parks here.

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